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Trade Forex and Profit

Our team has a long history of trading. We have been trading financial markets since 2002 (Shares, Indices, Bonds and Forex.); Nowadays, the majority of our trades are executed on the Forex market and, because of its huge advantages over other financial instruments (see article). We would like to share our trading and Forex broker experience to you.

You have to honest with yourself. Why do you want to become a Trader? If you think, it is a 'cool' exciting job, and it will be fun to become the trader, then you end up losing. If you want excitement go to Las Vegas. The only reason when you start trading is to develop your trading skills and make money (profits). That should be your main goal and look your trading as the Business. Our team helps you on every step to become a successful trader, but you have to prepare yourself too. Your success is our success and we are doing it for Free.

The first step, when you decide to become a professional Trader is to open an account with the best forex trading platform. The first rule of investing is – Protect your Investment. Thus, it is crucial that your funds are placed in a secure environment. Finding the top Forex brokers takes many hours of proper research. There are many elements to consider before you meet your final decision, which broker to choose. Also, it is important to note that forums cannot be a good source of information when you research the best Forex brokers. Many misleading and false statements are posted by individuals (some even hired by competitors to write negative posts on brokers).

We decided to make a list of the Best Forex Broker on the market. From our long-term experience, we are well-aware, which brokers honest, reliable and offer the best services to their clients. Also, each Forex broker will be reviewed objectively (Check our latest Easy Forex Review, ETX Capital Review, Pepperstone Review, Review and eToro Review; you can get all the information about their trading features, benefits and account types. You can evaluate all these facts and choose the best forex broker UK for your profitable trading.

Reliable Forex Brokers 2016

BrokersNameDeposit RegulationLeverage Read review Visit website
Zara Forex 500 (£) 1:500 Read Review Visit Website
Easy Forex 200 (£) 1:400 Read Review Visit Website
AlfaTrade 500 (£) 1:200 Read Review Visit Website
10Markets 250 (£) 1:200 Read Review Visit Website
AvaTrade 100 (£) 1:400 Read Review Visit Website

Why Trade Forex?

Great Opportunity

Forex gives you an opportunity to make enormous amount of money. Open an account with Top Forex Brokers, apply Profitable Trading Strategy (know you edge over the market) and be disciplined. That's three main attributes you need to succeed become a consistently profitable Forex trader. There are many stories, people make fortunes trading Forex and you can be one of them.


Be your own Boss. You can be an active member of financial world and trade from anywhere you want. The technological era gives an opportunity to execute trades through you personal computer and get all the data and information in a matter of seconds.

Forex is 24/5

It does not matter you live in Sydney, Tokyo, London or New York. Forex market is 24 hours, 5 days a week. That means, you can trade on your country's business hours, because Forex market never sleeps.

No Need of Large Capital

In the stock or future markets, you need thousands of dollars on your account for trade. The exchanges set specific rules, which does not allow to trade unless your buy minimum number of shares or contracts. Forex brokers offer mini and micro trading accounts, you can open an account with minimum minimum deposit of 200$ (eToro allows to open even with 50$, check eToro Review). Position size is determined by lots. For example, you can buy standard 0.01 Lot size, which is only 10 Cents. To conclude, Foreign Exchange is available for anyone, who has interest an desire to participate into the financial markets.


Forex brokers offer leverage more than 1:500. In other words, your trading power is increased significantly, which gives you the possibility to make a lot of money with a low capital account.

Low Costs

The costs are very low compare to any traded financial assets. There is competition between brokers and they try to offer the best services to their clients. The traders only pay spreads or commissions to clients; trading platform is free (e.g MetaTrader 4). We provide the list of the best Forex brokers, which provide the lowest spread and commissions to reduce your costs to minimum. Our recommended and reliable brokers are Pepperstone and ETX Capital. Trading with them will reduce your costs significantly.


Forex daily traded volume exceed 5$ trillion. The market has volatility, which means a lot of opportunities. Also, there are always buyers and sellers that you can get in and out of trades in a second. It is possible to liquidate your positions any time.

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